Notice of Amendments to Principles of Corporate Behavior

Seiko Epson Corporation will amend the Epson Group's corporate code of conduct, "Principles of Corporate Behavior," effective October 1, 2017.

Epson amended its Management Philosophy on April 1, 2017, adding the phrase "aspires to be an indispensable company" to articulate for stakeholders the Epson Group's goals and mission, as set forth in the Epson 25 Corporate Vision.

Principles of Corporate Behavior is being amended to reflect the amendments to the Management Philosophy, the Epson 25 Corporate Vision, evolving societal demands, and amendments to applicable laws and regulations. The amendments are intended to more clearly articulate to our stakeholders the concrete actions needed to make Epson an indispensable company.

Principles of Corporate Behavior

Using the Management Philosophy and the newly amended Principles of Corporate Behavior as guides, Epson personnel will play a central role in creating a better world by holding higher than ever aspirations and providing new, true value to customers. Going forward, Epson will seek to achieve sustained growth and increase long-term corporate value to become an indispensable company for the world.