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Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) : M-G550PC2


CAN Interface Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU)
Suitable for use in industrial and heavy duty applications with water-proof and dust-proof metallic case.

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Specifications of M-G550-PC/PR
Product Name M-G550PC2
Low Noise, High Stability Gyro Bias Instability 3.5°/hr
Angular Random Walk 0.1°/√hr
6 Degree Of Freedom Triple Gyroscopes ±150 °/sec
Tri-Axis Accelerometer ±5G
Data Resolution 16bit
Factory-Calibrated Stability Bias, Scale Factor & Axial alignment
Interface/Protocol CAN / CANopen
Bitrate 1Mbps (Max.)
Data Output Rate 1000 Sps(Max.)
Water and Dust Proofing IP67
Size and Weight 52 × 52 × 26 mm (Not including projection), 83grams
Regulation FCCPart15(USA) CE(EU)


  • Motion & Vibration Measurement
  • Platform Stabilization
  • Attitude Detection for Unmanned systems
  • Vibration control & stabilization

Technical Information

Typical Performance Characteristics

Gyro Allan Variance Characteristic

Accelerometer Allan Variance Characteristic

IMU:M-G550-PC/PR Document


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